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General Inquiries

Where can i find your lab results?

Each batch is tested in our laboratory to ensure that the product is up to consumer standards. We are unable to publicly release our lab results under the strict regulations imposed by the TGA, because we cannot provide Medical documents in order to promote/sell our own CBD products. Additionally, please note that companies that provide third party lab documents do not actually provide authenticity of each and every product, as each batch of products is made different and having a third party lab test each batch of product would not be economically viable without passing on the cost to consumer. In order to keep our product costs as low as possible for consumers, we do encourage you have our products tested yourself.

Simply put, in order to maintain our low prices, we cannot afford to test each batch of product we produce via a third party. We create thousands of products a week and having a third party test each batch weekly would be very timely and costly. If you are interested in testing the purity of our products we suggest you do so yourself

I have ____, What do you recommend i take?

We are unable to give medical advice regarding specific health issues, we recommend you do your own research to determine which product is right for you. However, if you are a first time CBD user we recommend starting out with our Full Spectrum 30ml/2000mg CBD Oil

Do your products contain any additives or any animal derived ingredients?

Our CBD oil is free from:

  • Formaldehyde
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Synthetic Dyes
  • Sulphates
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Mineral Oil
  • Animal-Derived Ingredients
  • Alcohol
  • Added sugar

Where are your products sourced?

Our products are grown and extracted under licence on an organic farm in the gorgeous Byron Bay Hinterlands.

How long do your products last, when do they expire?

If kept away from direct sunlight/intense heat our CBD oil has a shelve life ranging from 14 months to two years, depending on how the product is stored. Our products should be stored in a cool place away from any direct sunlight etc, this will optimise the shelf life of your product.

CBD Inquiries

What is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis sativa family. Cannabis sativa has recorded many uses throughout history from industrial fiber, seed oil, food and other uses in different cultures. CBD is a compound found primarily in the flowers and leaves of the Cannabis Sativa plant. It’s one of many powerful cannabinoids found in Cannabis.

How much CBD oil should i take?

If you are new to CBD, we recommend starting at 1 drop (once/twice a day). Gradually increasing week by week until you have achieved your desired results, for more infomation read our article on CBD Oil Dosage Guidelines

How much CBD oil should i give to my pets?

Girl in a jacket

Please Note: this is just a guide, what works for your pet may be different. Just remember to slowly administer CBD to your pet week by week. Start off with the recommend dosage and adjust based on results.

What is CBD Isolate?

Simply put, CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD that's extracted from the plant in a chemist and devoid of all other ingredients. Full spectrum CBD on the other hand, contains all the natural chemicals found in the whole plant, which include various other cannabinoids, essential oils and terpenes. We sell a Hybrid Formula Containing Full Spectrum with added CBD Isolate Get the best of both worlds with our  Maximum Strength 4000mg CBD Oil

What extraction method do you use? (how is your product made?)

We use CO2 Extraction, essentially we use carbon diox to pull cannabinoids and other desirable compounds from our harvested hemp plants. This method is the cleanest way to extract CBD, ensuring that our CBD oils are more potent and are 100% free from residual chemicals or solvents.

What is CBD used for?

Please visit our page on the Benefits Of CBD Oil to learn more about CBD Oil and what it is used for.

Is this the same as Marijuana?

Cannabis sativa and marijuana are close relatives, but not the same. By definition, hemp contains no more than .3% THC - the psychoactive compound that is found in higher concentration in marijuana. By contrast, hemp naturally has higher levels of CBD.

Does your CBD Oil have THC?

Yes our Full Spectrum CBD Oil is Well Below 0.3%

Can CBD get me High?

No, it cannot. CBD is a phytocannabinoid that is non-psychotoxic (it does not result in feelings of euphoria)

What about CBD and Drug testing?

When you get a drug test they normally use a urine or blood sample and check for the presence of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)
THC-COOH, and THC-11-oic acid are formed in the liver after the body has consumed cannabis and it is these chemicals that are tested when you go for a blood or urine test. THC-COOH doesn’t have much cross reactivity to the other non psychoactive cannabinoids such as CBD (cannabidiol), CBG (cannabigerol) or CBN (cannabinol), which means if you have taken CBD Hemp oil you probably won’t get a positive result on any drug test.
Theoretically it is possible if you are taking very large doses of CBD oil (above 1000-2000mg per day) due to the minute traces of THC that could build up over time. Due to differing body weight, metabolic rate and other lifestyle factors it’s possible that cbd oil containing as little 0.3% THC could show up in swabs, blood or urinalysis. Patients must determine for themselves if the severity of their condition outweighs this possibility.

What is your carrier oil?

Our carrier oil is Oryza Sativa (Rice oil) Without the help of a carrier oil, your body would be unable to meet the demand of fully processing the CBD you're consuming. When CBD is combined with a fatty plant-based oil, it directly binds with the fat molecules that your body is familiar with processing, strengthening CBD absorption and bioavailability. We only have 2 ingredients in our Cbd Oil. Ingredients: Whole Plant Extract (Cannabis Sativa), Oryza Sativa (rice oil)

Difference Between Hemp Seed Oil & Full spectrum CBD Oil?

The two are completely different products. you can find Hemp seed oil (commonly referred to as Hemp Oil) on the shelves at your local Coles, Woolworths and in most supermarkets. Hemp Seed Oil is used on salads and soups.
CBD Oil (also known as Cannabis Oil, Full Spectrum, broad Spectrum, Hemp Extract, Raw Hemp Oil or Medical Marijuana)
is extracted for medical use for its cannabinoid profile. CBD Oil is taken orally or topically. Knowing the difference between the two products are essential.

Where can I find more information on CBD?

For more information on CBD, visit our blog or facebook/instagram

Shipping Inquiries

How does shipping work?

Your orders are processed within 24 hours of the funds clearing. Once shipped you will recieve an email detailing your order information and tracking number.

How long does shipping take?

Standard Postage (3-7 days)

Express Postage (1-3 days)

Please note: Due to covid, please beaware that shipping estimates may differ.

When do you ship orders?

Orders are shipped within 24 hours of funds clearing.

Please note: Choosing either "Express" or "Standard" shipping methods does not change your position in queue.

Where do we ship?

We ship Australia Wide!